Sunday, January 2, 2011

Glympse - A Great Way To Locate Mobile Phone

It is very likely for you to own a modern cell phone, just like the other people in the world who always seek the best technology. If you do, it means that it also has a GPS chip inside of it. Thanks to the GPS, the Glympse Company can provide you some new cell phone locator services if you like.

Although being tracked isn’t always something really comfortable to deal with, knowing that someone who cares about you checks your location from time to time might be really pleasant. Glympse is great with providing you this safety feeling by enabling others to track you from time to time. Subscribe to it and you will be delighted by their service. On their official website, the application that will get installed on your cell phone is available. You only need to download that and then install it. Then send either a text message from your mobile phone or an email to the contacts you want to share your Glympse profile.

But of course, nobody wants to feel permanently followed. That’s why the service from Glympse is so great to locate mobile phone, because your privacy is more valued than ever. That’s right, a tracking service where the privacy comes first. Your friends or your family really can locate you, but you can limit their time when they can do it. So whether if you like to be tracked for fifteen minutes or if you want the maximum possible, which is 1 hour and a half, only you will control this. So only the people you send the email or the text message will be able to see you on their map, for that amount of minutes you decide.

Truth is that lots of people don’t believe you when you say that you have problems. Take for an example if someone you know needs your urgent help, but your boss needs a favor at the same time. You can honestly show your boss that you’re neither at home nor at the bar, just spending time on silly things. This way, you will build a good relationship with your boss and your friend will have your full support.

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